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Avior – sock

I got the most beautiful yarn for Christmas (2022) from my sister in Finland. It’s Glittersukka from Mokkuyarn. As the name suggest, it has a lot of sparkle to it but my photographing skills are not that good that I actually can capture any glitter, but I promise you, the glitter is there! 🙂

I started these socks on Christmas Day (Santa Claus comes to Sweden on Christmas Eve) and I loved every minute making them. These are really simple, but please, don’t look closely, fairisleknitting is not my forté. 🙂

You can check out the beautiful yarn HERE in the Mokkuyarn webshop. And yes, they just recently started to take orders from other countries in EU! It works great, I had to try more yarns from Mokkuyarn so I placed an order (more pattern will come!). The delivery was exactly a week from Finland to Sweden. If you live in Finland there are a few retailer so you get the privilige to squeeze the yarn before buying!

Here is the free pattern in English:

And the same pattern in Swedish:

This pattern works great for Filcolana Arwetta, not as much bling, but still very pretty (and again, don’t look too closely at the fairisleparts 🙂 I used knittingneedles 2,0 mm. and 2,5 mm, but otherwise followed the pattern.

This is a free pattern, but I’ve spent a lot of time, energi and love writing it, so please treat it with respect. If you post pics of your finished objects from my patterns on social medias, I’d be happy if you tag me (Annimia77 on Instagram) and refer to this blog for the pattern, thanks.

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