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Snowday sock

I got so much amazing yarn for Christmas. One of them was a skein of My precious – Sock Edition, handdyed yarn from Vickevira, here’s a link to find her: She’s based in Sweden but has an Etsyshop so it should be easy to purchase if you’re interested. If you’re close to Gothenburg, Sweden you might find her yarn in the yarnshop Deisy design . (That’s where my lovely husband bought it.)

It’s a fairly thin yarn and I wanted a pattern that gave a cozy feeling but not too much pattern going on that would get lost in all the colors (made that mistake a while back 🙂 ), and I’m very happy with this textured yet simple pattern.

Here’s the pattern as PDF if you like to make your own:



I have used the same pattern to knit a more plain version with the yarn Arwetta, I really like these, too!

This is a free pattern, but I’ve spent a lot of time, energi and love writing it, so please treat it with respect. If you post pics of your finished objects from my patterns on social medias, I’d be happy if you tag me (Annimia77 on Instagram) and refer to this blog for the pattern, thanks.

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